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Andy van Dam's Hypertext '87 keynote ended with a discussion of Andy's Nine Issues deserving of further thought.

From A History of Teaching Machines by Ludy Benjamin, there are three quotes below directly related to teaching machines and questions of labor. In the section about the 1960s, it's important to note the use of "classroom drudgery" which could be a variety of tasks, but grading comes to mind.

Article by B. F. Skinner (1950). First published in Psychological Review, 57, 193-216. This page is a Hub For Notes from the articles and Links to Ideas mined from it. Article is here: pdf .

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Quotes & Notes from: Treviranus, J. (2010). The Value of Imperfection: the Wabi-Sabi Principle in Aesthetics and Learning. Link

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In the photo above, you can see the one-by-ten conversion of the brilliant Wolf Tooth Components Link Some girls dig diamonds. Some girls dig bling for their bikes.

Is nonprogrammer a word? Who cares. Here's what I do know, I'm kind of fascinated about the programmer side of the fedwiki. Ward spent an hour of his time helping me figure out the issues on my first site, and I watched him work a bit. It was pretty cool to listen to him work. It felt a bit like having something wrong with your bike that you don't know how to fix. You say, it's making this sound here and it's driving me nuts. Can you fix it? Sure, the mechanic says, let me put it on the stand. Tell me more. Does it happen when you brake? When you're out of the saddle? You then watch them work and you have no idea what they're doing.

If a teaching machine is, at its core, something that gives information to a student, takes a response, and then reacts to it, positively or negatively to inform the student of the correctness of his/her answer, then we have to allow for one of the greatest conduits of this kind of learning in the educational system - the cell phone - as a teaching machine.

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Great Hera! Wonder Woman Research

Group sex parties. Polygamy. Bondage. What could such things have to do with Wonder Woman? Fortunately, there's no connection between those titillating concepts and the famous Amazon — certainly not in Jill Lepore's new book. Just kidding! In fact, The Secret History of Wonder Woman relates a tale so improbable, so juicy, it'll have you saying, "Merciful Minerva!" It turns out that decades of rumors were true: The red-white-and-blue heroine, conceived during World War II, had a decidedly bohemian progenitor.

quotes from Wonder Woman Interpretive Essay from Phyllis Chesler, introduction by Gloria Steinem

Shrink It & Pink It: Lady Leadership

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Thinking about "mining for ideas" got me wondering if writing is just Idea Fracking When the enormous pressure of one's past constantly pushing against the present, it may be best to accept We Make The Road By Walking.

While camping out in an A Frame in the North Cascades with no running water or electricity, two women decided to plan a party. The moon was full, the snow was ideal, and their faces were chapped by the wind. Earlier they had learned that the entire place had been booked by a brewery for their company party. This got them thinking of who they would invite if they could only include 50 people. The criteria was simple, and they had to have been born in the 20th century. And it could be anyone, dead or alive. We either wanted to party with them, ask them questions, listen to them to talk and/or have them play us music. We included famous couples as one invite. And we both had to agree. If we didn't agree, we drank a shot of whiskey and/or a sip of beer. We also allowed one another advocate for or against certain selections. This process took over two hours. Here is the list not in order of preference, but in order of discussion.

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Hiking Quotes, A Rare Art, and Stars & Evergreen Fire Lookout are notes for an article on hiking in the North Cascades National Park, WA. May be useful for readers interesting in hiking.

Here is a series of Notes for dLRN using federated wiki pages Connectivism and The Personal Workspace and Workflow which will present challenges for citation.